10 Unique Interior Paint Colors to Try in 2024

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An interior painter can work wonders in your home. According to Benjamin More, gray, beige, white, earth tones and other neutrals dominate their bestseller list when it comes to their most popular interior paint colors. If you’re at a loss in deciding the best and most unique colors for your home, read this list for guidance.

1. Soft Blue Shades

Blue, especially soft or light shades creates a sense of calm and serenity. So if you have a hectic life day due to work, school, and other obligations, you can look forward to coming home and quickly feeling at ease. Soft blues are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. They can also make your space look more spacious and airy. If you’re a fan of yoga or meditation, you can set aside a room for that with a soft shade of blue for further mental relaxation. Check out some popular pigments such as Sherwin-Williams’s “Dark Auburn” or Benjamin Moore’s “Blue Nova”. If you have a master bathroom you want to convert to an oasis, finding the right baby blue and benefit your home equity. According to Forbes, a baby blue bathroom can give you an additional $5,000 during a resale.

2. Dusty Pink

Do you want your interior painter to redo your walls in a delicate and romantic color that exudes warmth and femininity? Consider dusty pink. You can even pair it with darker shades of pink trimming for a dramatic monochromatic effect. Graham & Brown’s “Pink Clay” or Sherwin-Williams’s “Rose Colored” are suitable options. Dusty pink goes well with greens and browns. People love pink because it exudes cheeriness and may remind them of pleasant memories. Many people will automatically associate pink with babies and little girls. While that color does resonate with that particular age group, you’re never too old to enjoy the cheerfulness of this light shade of red. You can stay traditional and decorate a nursery meant for a girl with dusty pink or use it as your main interior color and match your furniture accordingly.

3. Shades of Green

If you love nature, you don’t just have to just enjoy it outside. The most common color in nature is green, which you can enhance your home with various shades. Green is symbolic of life, freshness, and vitality. Use it for just about any style of home, whether you want a traditional look or a modern feel. When it comes to a feeling of calm, people often aim for blues and purples, which have been psychologically proven to create a sense of relaxation. However, green is also a common color that you can use to reduce stress and anxiety. Some of the green shades you can try are Graham & Brown’s “Viridis”, or Farrow & Ball’s “Green Smoke”.

4. Mossy Green

As you can see, you can choose from various shades of green to enhance your home in 2024. You may want to focus in particular on mossy green. Why mossy green? Because it’s a more muted color that is certainly one of the more calming and serene shades of green. If you’re one of the many Americans working from home, you may want to use it for your home office to help with your concentration. Mossy green can also work well with other earthy tones, such as browns, beiges, and creams. Some of the mossy green shades you can try are Behr’s “Moss Print” or Farrow & Ball’s “Card Room Green”.

5. Terracotta

Earthtones have never gone out of style and most likely never will. When it comes to paint colors in 2024 you can expect to see more earth tones such as terracotta, along with Forest Green or mushroom Gray. Just like any type of green can, terracotta, along with other earth tones, can help you feel more connected to nature and promote more of an overall sense of well-being. The good thing about using any Earth tone is that it’s easier to match with other bright colors to make your room pop. You can help make your home feel more cozy and inviting, especially your dining rooms and entryways, by painting them in Terracotta. This color also works very well with oranges and Browns. Consider Farrow & Ball’s “Red Earth”.

6. Dark Blue

Dark blue is a classic and timeless color that will never go out of style. Try out Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy” or Sherwin-Williams’ “Naval”. Easily make a statement with any dark blue. It’s effective at either creating a relaxing mood as well as adding sophistication to any space. Dark blue contrasts excellently with white, especially as trim or with white furniture.

7. Metallic Shades

Consider adding metal shades to your home. If so, it’ll be a great way to add some glamor that you may be missing out on. It can also create an elegant, sophisticated look that you may have been craving for a long time. Metallic shades pair well with darks and neutrals, particularly black. Metallics may be too much for an entire room, depending on your style. However, they’re perfect for an accent wall, which you can further match with metal furniture and accessories. Let your interior painter show you swatches for Behr’s “Antique Tin” or Graham & Brown’s “Gold Rush” and see if they fit your preference.

8. Brown Shades

When choosing unique colors for your home, brown may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Popular brown shades for 2024 come from Benjamin Moore’s “Branchport Brown”, Sherwin-Williams’ “Chocolate Velvet” or Farrow & Ball’s “London Clay”. The good thing about brown is it works well with many colors. Pair it with earth tones, yellows, or greens. Use this hue to create an inviting and cozy space. Brown particularly works well in dining rooms and intimate places such as your library or study.

9. Bright Orange

Homeowners have Behr’s “Orange Burst”., Graham & Brown’s “Zesty Orange”, or Sherwin-Williams’ “Tangerine” to bring some orange zest indoors. It’s hard not to feel cheery when you think of or see orange. It’s a color highly associated with cheery holidays like Halloween, as well as the colorful leaves of fall. Let your home become more exciting and energetic in 2024. You can revamp your entertainment room or children’s playroom. If you want your kitchen space to pop, use one of these shades of orange to create vibrancy. Orange is one of those bright colors that can give people more of an appetite. Therefore, putting it in your eating spaces can help encourage people to eat heartily and happily.

10. Crimson

Benjamin Moore’s “Burgundy Rose” or Sherwin-Williams’ “Heartthrob” provide new shades of crimson to make any room striking. This rich and elegant color creates a look of sophistication and drama. You can set a romantic mood, especially in bedrooms or dining rooms. Crimson can also work well with other dark colors, such as blacks, grays, and purples.

2024 is the time to give your home the renovation that it deserves. What better way to do so than picking among these unique colors based on your preferences and design needs? Of course, you can fool around with more than one color and have fun with different colors in different rooms. These are some of the most unique interior paint colors to try in 2024. Whether you want to create a calm, cozy, or glamorous space, these colors will help you achieve your desired look. Get the ball rolling on enhancing your residential color scheme by calling our team at Derheim Painting today for a consultation!