3 Tips for Determining What Color to Paint Your Bedroom

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A new coat of paint can transform any bedroom from standard to amazing. If you’re tired of your bedroom’s design style, your painter can help give it an update. There’s a wonderful selection of paint colors available today, with one that’s sure to be perfect for your bedroom! According to Camille Styles, two of the most popular colors in 2023’s list of trendiest interior paint options are dark blue and forest green. Here are a few tips for choosing the color shade that’s perfect for your bedroom.

1. Determine Which Feeling You Want to Capture

Do you want your bedroom to feel soothing or invigorating? Perhaps somewhere in between? Bedrooms are very personal spaces, and yours should reflect your taste, preferences, and lifestyle. Determine if you want a cozy sanctuary or a room that’ll be bright and lively to reflect. your fun personality.

2. Think About How Light You Prefer Your Bedroom

Some people love having a bedroom that’s completely blacked out and dark. Others enjoy being awakened by the morning sun. Your preference in this regard can have a lot of impact on which color is right for your bedroom. Darker, more light-absorbing colors like deep greens and ocher can create a cozy sleeping area that provides a break for your senses. If you love a light-filled room, consider colors like lilacs and periwinkles. Fortunately, painting a room is a straightforward task, and you can always ask your painter to change it up in a few years if you decide the color isn’t right for you.

3. Consider Which Colors You’re Drawn to in Your Daily Life

Take a look at your wardrobe to get a better idea of what colors you’re naturally drawn to. While you might not want to include the exact same colors you’re seeing in your closet, this exercise will provide great insight into your preferences. Someone with a natural affinity for neutral-colored clothes will likely be drawn to the same palette when it’s time to paint their bedroom. Painting is a fun medium to explore, so take the time to check out some expected colors and textures when you’re considering which color to choose.

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