5 Color Schemes to Consider For Your Master Bathroom

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Master bathrooms are a popular room for remodeling projects as they’re an important part of every home. You might be discussing which color scheme is the right choice for your bathroom with your interior painter. According to Camille Styles, forest green and dark blue are two of 2023’s seven trendiest interior home colors. His and Hers bathrooms provide an interesting opportunity to create complementary color schemes in adjoining rooms. No matter your floor plan, a new paint color in the master bathroom can transform the entire suite. Here are a few ideas for color schemes to get your creative juices flowing. Today’s paint color options ensure that there’s a perfect shade available for your bathroom, no matter the architectural style of your home. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Bold and Brilliant Reds

After a good, long run pink’s popularity is waning. Today’s most popular shades are of a bolder style. Bright reds are overwhelming in most spaces, but bold and brilliant reds are a different story completely. If you want to keep your master bath on trend, check out a few paprika shades for consideration. You’ll find that they’re relaxing and soothing colors, perfect for anyone whose bathroom is more of a sanctuary than a utilitarian room. This is a color scheme that will create a relaxing ambiance that invites you to slow down and recharge.

Appropriate complementary colors for bold reds include browns and tans, gray, and olive green. It’s also a shade that works well with a monochromatic color scheme. One advantage of working with a professional interior painter is their knowledge of current trends and how to translate them into your living spaces. Bold reds are also a color option that’s a perfect first step toward darker colors. It’s not bright or off-putting but has more visual interest than most neutrals. A deeper shade will be more dramatic and stunning. If you’re looking to add more color to your home, a bold red is just about a perfect option.

2. Brown with Gray Undertones

Brown might not seem like an obvious choice for a bathroom, but today’s trendiest browns have a gray undertone. These colors in the taupe family create a tranquil environment that’s perfect for a master bath. Taupes and other browns with gray undertones are perfect for sophisticated and understated design schemes. You can go bold with accent colors or subtle, depending on your personal taste and the other design elements in the room. Don’t let this popular color scheme go unnoticed when you’re crafting your short list of color scheme possibilities. You just might be pleasantly surprised by the versatility that these browns have.

Darker brown colors are great as complementary colors. Navy blue is a perfect accent if you want a more masculine feel to the master bath. Pine green and deep purples are good choices for a more feminine color scheme. Soft decor items, like towels and rugs in similar shades offer increased texture that enhances this earthy color choice. Interior paint choices are plentiful, and the effect that they can have on a room is significant. Before choosing your color scheme, consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light that it receives throughout the day.

3. Hunter Green and Royal Blue

Elegant master suites require a complementary color scheme in the bathroom. Two colors getting a lot of attention at the moment are hunter green and royal blue. These are fairly neutral options when it comes to designing a room for a couple as neither one is overly masculine or feminine. Both, however, deliver a sophisticated color profile that works well to elevate a space. Royal blue is brighter than navy, giving it a less serious feel. It works well with a host of design styles. If your master bath has a club feel with dark woods, this color scheme is a perfect fit.

This is a color combination that doesn’t need much in the way of accents or complementary colors. Instead, bring more visual interest into the bathroom with dark wood cabinets and fixtures. Your paint color will provide enough of a finished look that you can keep all soft decor items in the same scheme. Hunter green and royal blue is a classic combination that will stand the test of time. It’s a scheme that’s timeless but also looks current and never dated. Traditional homes are built for color pairings like this one.

4. Bright White with Raspberry Accents

Bright white might not be the world’s boldest color, but it’s still a popular choice. Bright white in a bathroom gives the space a fresh and clean look. You’ll feel cheerful and re-energized after spending time in your white bathroom with raspberry accents. You can add a few other colors to the scheme as well. Be sure that they’re all tonally consistent with white undertones. Blues and greens also look great with this combination. If your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, these bright and fun colors can make the room look larger and brighter. It’s a perfect choice for a bathroom with white fixtures, tile, or marble.

Raspberry is one of those magical colors that looks great with just about any other color. With a bright-white base and raspberry as a secondary color, your accent color options are varied. Experiment with lighter pinks, reds, or even silver. This is a color scheme that does well with inventiveness and creativity. And, with the addition of a cheerful raspberry paint color, you’ll never have to worry about your bright white looking too clinical. One of our favorite color schemes has bright white as the primary color, raspberry as the secondary color, and silver accents.

5. Pale Yellow and Lemon

Yellow is a popular color for bathrooms and other areas that don’t have a lot of wall space. When you create a color scheme comprised of different shades of yellow, you’ll enjoy a bright and cheerful bathroom that’s not too bright. Choose different shades that have the same tones and undertones for congruity. That’s really the only rule! We love a very pale yellow as a primary color, lemon as a secondary, and brighter and bolder yellow colors as accents. There’s a lot of experimentation you can do with saturation, moving from a whisper of color to deep rich yellow accents.

For other decor items in the master bath, especially soft items, white is an excellent choice. This will keep your bathroom looking fresh and fun. Pale yellow is a favorite of ours for its subtlety that’s somehow very comforting. When it’s time to remodel your master bathroom, a shade of yellow should be on your consideration list. Lighter woods work well as do white fixtures when you’re working with a yellow color scheme. If you’re looking to brighten up your master bath with a cheerful color, there’s a wide range of perfect shades of yellow.

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