5 Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Need a Refresh

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If you find yourself looking at your kitchen cabinets and thinking that they need a refresh, this is the article for you. You may realize that replacing your cabinets is an extensive undertaking. However, cabinet painting is a simple way to professionally refresh your cabinets. Here are some signs it’s time to contact a cabinet painting professional.

1. Flaking and Peeling Paint

One of the most common signs that your cabinets need a refresh is if they start to flake. Cabinet paint may flake if the cabinets are old, they’ve been exposed to moisture, or if low-quality paint was used the first time. When the paint on your cabinets is peeling, it negatively impacts how your kitchen looks. A professional cabinet painting service can give your cabinets the refresh they need.

2. Blistering Paint

When you see blisters appearing under the paint film, it’s a sign that the paint is in an advanced stage of failure. It’s common for blisters to appear when the old paint is wet, there is excessive exposure to moisture, or the paint is of low quality. The old paint must be completely removed before a new cabinet painting.

3. Fading Paint

Over time, your kitchen cabinets can fade due to exposure to sunlight. This can cause the surface of your cabinets to look dull and dated. Fortunately, a professional cabinet painting service can help to refresh your cabinets, so they look bright and modern.

4. Dated Aesthetics

If your kitchen functions well for you and your family, but you’re unhappy with its overall appearance, now may be the time to give your cabinets a refresh. Refreshing your cabinets can also be a great way to get a return on investment. According to ZeroDown, the ROI for kitchen cabinets can be as high as 80%-100%.

5. Dated Cabinets

If your kitchen is beginning to look on the older side, it may be time to consider giving it a professional refresh. Re-staining, repainting, and resurfacing can be great ways to give your old cabinets some new life. You can even create a bold look by making the upper cabinets a lighter color, such as white, and your lower cabinets a darker color, such as gray, to draw the eye upward and make your kitchen appear bigger.

When your kitchen cabinets are looking tired and dated and showing signs of failure, it’s time for a refresh. That’s where the painting professionals at Derheim Painting come in. Contact us today for more information.