9 Paint Color Options to Consider For Your Kitchen Cabinets

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As you look around your kitchen, do you notice that our kitchen cabinets are starting to look worse for wear? It may be time to repaint them. The ROI for kitchen cabinets can run as high as 80% to 100%, according to ZeroDown, which is another reason to look into making this upgrade. Hiring a cabinet painting company is a great way to refresh your cabinets instead of replacing them. In this blog, we’ll go over some color options you should consider.

1. White

If you don’t know where to start, go with white. As any cabinet painting company will tell you, white is a classic and clean color that can give your kitchen a sense of openness. If you have a smaller kitchen, painting your cabinets and other features in white can make it look bigger than it really is. Don’t worry, you can always add some contrast with other accents, whether it’s your kitchen furniture or colorful appliances and dishes.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s only one type of white, too. White can also be off-white, beige, and other shades. The benefit of having white cabinets is they’ll always stand out from a colorful black splash. When you paint your cabinets in this color, it gives you more freedom to have fun with fixtures, a backsplash, floors, and other things that can bring color.

2. Gray

Don’t underestimate the value of gray cabinets. Because gray is a neutral color, it’s also very versatile and can work with different styles and aesthetics. You could use it for a sleek, modern kitchen, or you can use it in a more rustic farmhouse. In addition to providing neutrality, gray is also heavily associated with sophistication and elegance. It also comes in different shades, so you can opt for dark or light gray cabinets, and you can also have a gray color that has overtones of brighter colors like reds, purples, or blues. Much like its counterpart white, it also gives you the freedom to play around with different colorful elements on your backsplash.

3. Green

Do you want to invoke a sense of nature and freshness in your kitchen? If so, green is the perfect color for your cabinets. This natural hue adds life to any kitchen. It comes in a range of beautiful, soothing colors, such as olive, mint, sage, emerald, and more. If you want a bolder version of this color, you can try lime green. If you add plants to your kitchen, you can easily complete and capitalize on the natural look.

4. Yellow

When you step into your kitchen in the morning, do you want to feel the sun shine on you? Well, you can get a sense of that when you paint your cabinets in a nice sunny yellow. After all, it’s hard not to feel happy and cheerful when you’re surrounded by the color yellow. This warm, welcoming color is known for making people feel energized. Plus, it’s one of those bright colors that’s often used in fast-food restaurants and other eateries because it’s a hue that can make people feel hungry. If you love to entertain or you want to ensure your family eats every bit of food on their plate, give them some yellow to look at in the kitchen.

5. Red

Do you have a bold personality that you want to express in your kitchen? Then it’s time to consider some red cabinets. Red is a great color to add drama and spice to your space. It can provide amazing contrast against other colors such as black, white, or gray. If you really want a modern or Art Deco-style kitchen, red cabinets are a nice way to start. Plus, like the color yellow, red is also a color known for inducing hunger. So if your family, friends, and party guests tend to eat in the kitchen, sitting around your red cabinets can help them induce their appetite.

6. Black

Black is a very slick and modern color that is a great way to show sophistication in your kitchen. If you’re aiming for a more minimalist look in your home, black cabinets are the color of choice. This hue can also provide amazing contrast with brighter colors or can elevate your home when paired with white and gray. With the right cabinet painter in mind, your black cabinets can modernize your space.

7. Pink

Are bold red cabinets a little too much for you? Why not go lighter with pink? Pink is a symbol of love and romance, but it’s also a very soothing color that tends to make people feel cheery. It’s a very feminine color that can also be fun and lightly warm without feeling overwhelming. You can also increase the intensity of pink from a soft subtle pink to a bold hot pink. Whatever mood you’re aiming for, your cabinet painters can help you out. Consider pairing your pink cabinets with a darker contrast, like black, or a much lighter contrast, like white. In some instances, the right shade of pink can work with yellow.

8. Brown

Do you want to keep things natural and earthy? Why not go for some lovely brown cabinets? Much like green, brown reminds people of nature because it’s a color that’s so prevalent outside. It’s easy to feel a sense of coziness and warmth with brown cabinets and other brown elements in your kitchen. You can pair brown cabinets with white or beige walls. The color also goes well with light yellow. Plus, if your kitchen already has brown wooden furniture, it could be the perfect match.

9. Purple

Purple is an interesting color to consider for your modern kitchen cabinets. It’s a color that’s often associated with calm and relaxation. If you need to create a sense of serenity throughout your home and want to continue it well into your kitchen, then a beautiful set of purple cabinets is the way to go. Remember, purple can be dark or light. Light purple cabinets can create a sense of quirkiness and cheeriness, whereas a darker purple can also be more sophisticated or regal. With the right color scheme, you may end up with a purple kitchen where you’ll feel comfortable enough to relax on the floor and meditate right there.

As you can see, there really isn’t a wrong color option when it comes to updating your cabinet. Your decision can be based on your personal preferences, the mood you’re trying to set, as well as current trends you may want to follow. Rest assured that the right cabinet painting company can help you with any suggestions along the way. They’ll be able to advise you on what color integrates well with the rest of your kitchen while keeping in mind your personal preferences.

If you have a general idea of the hue you want to use, but you’re unsure about the shade or how it would contrast in your kitchen, our team can easily assist you. We’ve been in cabinet painting for years and know how to please customers and give you the cabinets of your dreams. When you’re ready to make this kitchen upgrade, give us a call for a consultation soon. Our team at Derheim Painting looks forward to working with you soon!