Answering 8 Common FAQs About Exterior House Painting

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As the year comes to a close and a new one begins, many homeowners are thinking of ways to upgrade their homes. For an upgrade that’ll have long-lasting results and give you many benefits, you should call an exterior painting company. If you’re unsure about the benefits of using such a service, read on for some common FAQs about exterior house painting.

1. How Long Will the Process Take?

There is no one set time limit when it comes to doing exterior painting. You must consider the size of your home and how much damage is on the surface. Exterior painters will ensure that the surface that they’re working on is always stable, clean, and smooth. After all, they want to ensure that the high-quality paint they use will be able to adhere to it. Of course, painting the entire exterior of a small single-family home compared to a multi-storied mansion will involve a different amount of time and labor. When you have a consultation with your exterior house painting company, they’ll give you a general time estimate based on their experience dealing with a residence of your size.

2. Will I Get a Return on My Investment?

One of the best things about any painting upgrade to your home is you’ll get results on your investment in a few ways. According to Open Door, painting your exterior brings on a 55% return on investment. That 55% return on your investment isn’t the only way to make a decent profit on a resale. The real ROI is how fast it can help you sell your home once you put it on the market. After all, the potential home buyer wants a beautiful home that is already as ready-made as possible. If you can show proof that you’ve recently painted your home exterior, that’s one less thing homebuyers would have to worry about. This can make or break whether they buy your home over an equally beautiful one on your block.

3. What Does Exterior Paint Do for the Home?

The first thing you’ll notice is how beautiful a new coat of exterior paint will make your home look. Aesthetics and curb appeal are the first benefits that you’ll notice. However, it goes deeper than that. A solid exterior paint job can protect your home exterior for 10 to 20 years if the job was done correctly the first time, according to statistics. As a result, your home has protection from the elements such as acid rain, heavy snow, freezing, and extreme heat. When your home is exposed to the elements, it’s equally exposed to hungry insects that love to wear down the surface. If your siding has vulnerabilities because of a poor paint job that can’t protect it, it can make it easy for pests like termites and rodents to get inside your home. If you pride yourself on your beautiful home and everything you’ve done to maintain it, the last thing you want is a pest infestation.

4. Can an Exterior Paint Company Help With Interior Work?

Once you find a quality exterior painting company that you trust, in most cases they can also do interior work for you. When you’re doing a consultation with them, view their portfolio for insight into how they can make the inside or the outside of your home look. The ROI on quality interior painting is 107%, according to Bob Vila. Once you find the right company to work with, you could have an increase in your home value and make it easy to sell if you decide to do so in the future.

5. How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

If you’re looking for a durable home upgrade that you won’t have to worry about for a long time, exterior painting is it. When an experienced exterior painting company gets to work, they give you a paint job that can last for at least ten years, in some cases 20, according to experts. This is not the type of upgrade you’ll have to worry about every year or two, as long as you use a qualified professional who got it right the first time.

6. Are There Colors I Should Stick To?

The fun thing about painting your home is there are so many colors to choose from. Don’t make the mistake of being turned off from using a color for your exterior because you think it’s too bright or avant-garde. Remember, there are many shades of the same hue to consider. So, if you’ve always wanted your home painted in your favorite color, the professionals can help make it happen. A qualified exterior painting company knows how to use different shades of the same color for optimal effect. If you want to play it safe by maintaining a white or off-white home, take a chance to have brighter elements on your doors and trimmings.

7. What if I Don’t Like the Final Result?

Don’t fret if you fear not liking the final painting result. Any reputable exterior painting company will offer clients a warranty. The terms of the warranty can vary based on the contractor. However, a warranty offers protection when you don’t like the final result or something goes wrong. For example, if the outside paintwork begins peeling or bubbling shortly after the job ends, then something wasn’t done correctly. Under the terms of a warranty, the contractor agrees to return to make any repairs to work they previously did. Some may also offer you a guarantee. Either way, having exterior paint on your home is a way to upgrade it, as you will at least get your money back or have work redone when it’s not up to par.

8. When Should I Schedule Service?

The best time to schedule your exterior paintwork can vary. You may want to consider the type of climate you live in, as it can affect how quickly the paint will dry. You also want to make sure that a painting crew is available during seasonal weather to do such work outside. Having a home exterior painted in states with extreme winters may be difficult, and you may have to wait until the weather eases by late winter or spring. The good thing is if you need interior paint, such as interior walls or cabinet painting, that type of project shouldn’t be affected by the climate.

If you’re considering painting your home’s exterior, you’re making the right decision. It’s the type of paint project that can protect your home for a decade or more, help insulate it, and prevent damage from pests. You’ll add to your property’s curb appeal and overall value and can take pride in your home’s appearance. To ensure everything goes off without a hitch, be mindful of asking the right questions of any painting company you’re doing a consultation with. When you work with our team at Derheim Painting, you’ll have a group of painters who’ve been in the industry for years and have no problems answering any questions you have. We look forward to showing you our portfolio and discussing more about our experience. For quality exterior work you can be proud of, contact us today.