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High-quality paint is an essential element in making any building’s exterior look attractive and stay protected against the elements. If it’s been a while since your commercial building was last painted, it’s likely time to refresh it. According to the design and lifestyle specialists at Hunker, quality exterior paint may last as long as 15 years before it needs to be redone, but it’s worth considering a new coat if it’s been more than five years. The following are some signs that your business needs the help of a commercial painting service.

The Exterior Is Peeling and Fading

A dead giveaway that a building needs a fresh coat of paint is when the existing exterior has faded and peeling paint. The sun’s UV rays, wind, and rain all affect exterior paint, which will degrade, fade, and start peeling over time. If your current exterior paint is starting to show its age, a commercial painting service can give it a facelift.

You Need to Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is critically important for attracting potential customers. When people see a clean and attractive exterior, it helps to inspire confidence in your business. A clean and tidy storefront with high-quality paint helps people to know they can expect a well-run business that offers reliable products or services. If your current curb appeal is lacking, a commercial painting service can restore it and help to boost the value of your property.

You Want to Rebrand

Are you looking to rebrand your business? Perhaps your company has recently come under new management or you’re trying to reach a different demographic. Changing up your exterior paint is a great way to give your business a fresh image and attract new attention to it. An expert commercial painting service can help you choose the right colors to convey your desired message to customers.

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