What to Know Before Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

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Painting your child’s bedroom is a great way to personalize their space. Interior painting not only adds value to your child’s lifestyle, but it also adds value to your property. According to Open Door, you can typically expect a 107% return on an interior painting project. A trusted painting company can help get your painting project done quickly and efficiently, but there are a few things you should know about painting a child’s room before you get the project underway. Let’s take a look.

Safe Paint for Kids

Safety needs to be a priority when painting a child’s room. Certain paints are toxic and could pose a danger to your child’s health. An expert painting company will know which paints are safe for a child’s bedroom. Using low-VOC (volatile organic compound) or VOC-free paints will minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. It’s also wise to consider paints with a Greenguard or Greenguard Gold certification. These certifications indicate that the paint has been tested and found to have low chemical emissions.

The best way to ensure that you are choosing safe paints for your child’s bedroom is to work closely with a painting company that makes safety a priority for all their customers. There are hypoallergenic paint options, non-toxic natural paints, and other selections that can ensure a safe environment for your child. Learning more about child-safe paints will help you make an informed decision.

Painting for the Future

Children grow so quickly. They move from a toddler to an elementary schooler to a teen before you know it. Because children enter many different phases over the course of their lives, they can “outgrow” paint colors fast. When you are selecting a color scheme for your child’s bedroom, it’s important that you keep in mind that a color they love today may be something they are not so happy with in two years.

Many parents choose paint colors that are neutral to ensure that the color will grow with their child. Colors like gray, beige, tan, and white can create the perfect backdrop for decorating your child’s room from infancy to the teen years. Of course, if you’re looking to make things a bit more unique, you can always bring in a little color by adding an accent wall.

Keeping your eye on the future when you are painting your child’s room can help you save money and time on future painting projects. Instead of repainting every few years, you can simply add new decor as your child grows and their tastes evolve. Of course, choosing the right paint color for your child’s room is a highly personal choice. Working with a paint company with prior experience working on children’s rooms can help you make an informed decision about which color is ideal for this space.

Choosing the Right Finish

Children can be messy. Keeping that in mind, it’s essential that you choose a paint finish that is durable, washable, and can stand up to wear and tear. Many parents choose a semi-gloss finish for door frames and baseboards, and some even choose this type of finish for walls because of its washability.

There are several other types of paint finishes to consider for your child’s room. Flat finishes have a matte look, and they provide a soft, velvety aesthetic. However, when it comes to washability, they are not the best option. Eggshell finishes are a bit tougher than a flat finish, and they are washable. With this option, you get the same low-sheen finish, but it is more durable.

Satin finishes are suitable for children’s bedrooms with high activity levels. This type of finish is easy to clean, making it ideal for kids who are more likely to touch or mark the walls. Semi and high-gloss finishes have a great deal of sheen but are very durable and very easy to clean.

If you’re unsure of what finish makes the most sense for your child’s room, don’t hesitate to ask your painting company for guidance. They’ll have the expert knowledge to help you make a more informed decision.

Consulting With Your Child

If your child is old enough, it’s a good idea to involve them in the process of choosing a paint color for their room. You can ask your child what colors they prefer by showing them some examples of the different colors that are available. Of course, you’ll want to offer color chips that are in line with your own tastes as well. While it can be fun to talk about color choices with your child, you don’t want them to choose a color that you personally find unattractive. Children often like bright colors, which can look great in some homes, but you may want to suggest other options to find a happy medium.

Additionally, keep in mind that the age of your child will direct how much valuable input they can offer. Older children can provide more insight into their bedroom vision, as they’ll be more in tune with their own stylistic preferences and more likely to choose colors they’ll like for the long term.

Working with your child to choose colors you are both happy with will ensure that you get the results that you are hoping for. If your child wants to add more color than you would personally want, a good compromise is to add an accent wall in the color of their choice.

Setting the Perfect Mood

Children thrive when they have a bedroom they adore, one where they can feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of a long day at school. One of the best reasons to invest in painting your child’s bedroom is to set the mood in this space to line up with their personal tastes.

Painting your child’s room to match their personality will provide them with a safe haven for sleep and play. You can set the mood in your child’s room by choosing the right colors and utilizing the skill set of a professional paint company. Whether you want to add texture to the space, create the illusion of a larger space, or fuel your child’s imagination, professional painters can help you accomplish your goal.

Paint is a simple yet effective solution when you want to transform any space in your home. It helps to define the space, support the theme of the room, enhance architectural details, and set the right ambiance. The colors that you select for your paint project can also have a surprising impact on the mood of anyone who spends time in the room being painted. The color scheme you choose can subtly influence your child’s behavior and promote a good night’s sleep.

Painting a child’s bedroom isn’t just about changing the colors of the walls; it’s about creating a space that encourages growth, comfort, and creativity. As you undertake this project, you’ll need to work with a painting company that can deliver high-quality results and offer any advice you may need when choosing the right paint. If you’re looking for professional painters you can trust to give your child’s room the transformation it needs, look no further than Derheim Painting. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote for interior painting. We look forward to working with you!